ODP ballparks—which are true year-round multi-purpose venues—have each had a positive impact their respective communities. Our facilities become true meeting grounds for our neighbors from all walks of life. They can serve as a business conference center, hosting gatherings such as corporate luncheons and community meetings. They can be 10,000-seat concert venues, a place for youth baseball and other amateur sports, a "drive-in" movie theatre. And they can host band and cheerleading competitions, graduations, weddings, winter carnivals, ice skating rinks and much more.

  • ODP ballparks have proven to be successful concert venues, attracting some of the top names in the recording industry (including Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Def Leopard, REO Speedwagon and Kenny G) and attracting some of the largest crowds in the history of the ballparks.
  • We welcome a vast array of amateur sporting events at each of our ballparks. Youth, high school and college baseball games and tournaments are obvious fits, but we design our parks so they can accommodate football, soccer, lacrosse and others as well as band and cheerleading competitions. ODP baseball operations professionals routinely use the facilities to host clinics and baseball camps for young athletes as well.
  • There is no offseason at an ODP ballpark. Our ballparks host numerous activities in the fall and winter, including Lancaster, Pa.'s only outdoor ice skating rink. Some 15,000 ice skaters make use of the facility each winter.
  • Winter carnivals are common at ODP ballparks as well. The city of York, Pa. holds its annual New Year's Eve celebration at Sovereign Bank Stadium and a number of our ballparks have hosted haunted houses and Halloween movie events.
  • In recognition of the success of our Lancaster, Pa. ballclub, the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball awarded the Barnstormers its 10th anniversary All-Star Game, held on July 11, 2007.
    We treated a league All-Star Game record crowd of 7,361 a pre-game home run derby, an extravagant pre-game ceremony featuring Hall-of-Famer Brooks Robinson and a special video message to hometown all-star Jutt Hileman from his girlfriend (a member of the US Air Force serving in Iraq), and an exciting All-Star Game featuring the brightest stars of the Atlantic League (won by the North, 8-6).